The participated artists in The first international painting symposium

Artist: Narges Adilipour

15 artists could participated in the workshop step of the symposium in The Hague, The Netherlands at Mooof studio and 2 artists also participated from Iran, on line by Skype!

1. Abdinejad Yousef

Iran, Hamedan

Yousef Abdinejad










2. Adilipour Narges

Iran, Isfahan

Narges Adilipour








3. Alborzkouh Samira

Iran, Tehran

Samira Alborzkouh








4. Allahkhani Karim

Iran, Kerman

Karim Allahkhani










5. Ahmadi Ashestani Sanaz

Iran, Tabriz

Sanaz Ahmadi Ashestani








6. Bateni Tina

Iran, Tehran

Tina Bateni








7. Djaaz Salam

Iraq, Baghdad (currently lives at The Netherlands)

Salam Djaaz










8.  Gholami Manuchehr

Iran, Tehran

Manuchehr Gholami










9. Heidari Hamed

Iran, Tehran

Hamed Heidari







10. Iravani Maryam

Iran, Isfahan

Maryam Iravani








11. Jafarnejad Mona

Iran, Tehran (currently lives at Lausanne Switzerland)


Mona Jafarnejad










12. Mottaghi Morteza

Iran, Tehran

Morteza Mottaghi








13. Nazemzadeh Mana

Iran, Tehran

Mana Nazemzadeh








14. Safi Tawab

Afghanistan, Kabul (currently lives at Rotterdam,

The Netherlands)

Tawab Safi








15. Sajadufar Zahra

Iran, Isfahan

Zahra Sajadifar








16. Valarezo Diana

Ecuador, Quito (currently lives at Brussels, Belgium)

Diana Valarezo







17. Van de Rakt Claudette

The Netherlands, Breda

Claudette Van de Rakt




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