The beauty of nature in striking drawings by Thiago Bianchini

The beauty, nature, striking drawings, Thiago Bianchini


São Paulo, Brazil-based illustrator Thiago Bianchini pays tribute to the beauty of nature in his striking drawings of wildlife and landscapes framed within larger animal silhouettes. Using fine-tipped ink pens, Bianchini brings flora and fauna to life through intricate drawing and shading techniques like stippling. Pitch-black trees, grass, and four-legged creatures contrast sharply with craggy mountains and inky skies formed of thousands of tiny dots. Illuminated under the glow of the pale moon, these lonely outdoors scenes are all contained within the outline of larger beasts, adding an intriguing second layer to Bianchini’s vivid depictions of the wild.

In addition to the silhouette illustrations, much of the artist’s portfolio is filled with stylized portraits of animals created with bold lines, graphic textures, and hypnotic patterns.


Bianchi has also imagined beautiful animal-human hybrids that seamlessly combine women’s locks of hair with the bodies of curious creatures.

Thiago Bianchini: Behance | Instagram | Society6

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