Sara Palacios

Sara Palacios

Sara Palacios


Ecuadorian sculptor. She has combined the forms of expression of sculpture to poetry, drawing and video art. Her works has been linked for more than twenty years ago with the Interestético Project and Quitología. From exposure Quito-Mito-Essences (1990) has strengthened the approach to the city with new challenges.

Studies in Art:  Drawing: Continental School /Sculpture, Art Workshop, Chicago, 1974 / Oils and watercolors: Artistic Promotion Center, 1976 / Ceramics: CREA, Cuenca, 1981 / “X Inter Design course” OAS, Cuenca, 1993.

College: Central University of Ecuador, School of Information Science / Basin State University / Faculty of Journalism / CIESPAL, Latin American Seminar on Educational Journalism.

Basic Education: College Sacred Hearts of Rumipamba, Quito / Sacret Hearth of Mary High School. Higths Arlington, Chicago


Charges performed:


2013 Director of Sarapa Art Space.

2012 President of Cienfuegos Arts Collective.

2012 Professor of Art at the Guadalupe School of Quito.

2011 SALPA Executive President of the Foundation for Education and Culture.

2010 Secretary of the Association of Artists Professionals Pichincha.

1997 Vice President of the “Coordinator of the Association of Artists Professionals Ecuador”


Contributed by Sara Palacios in Cultural and Artistic Events:


2012  Foundation “Freaky Skin” and Cultural Centre of the Catholic University. Quito-Ecuador

2013 Statuettes for the fifth Festival of Poetry PARALLEL ZERO

2012   Elaboration of the National Competition Awards PASO HORSES

2011 Jury Prize Dario Guevara, Municipality of Quito

2010 Secretary of the Association of Artists of Pichincha

2010 Jury Prize Dario Guevara, Municipality of Quito

2009  Awards for the Third Experimental Film Festival , Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

2008 Awards for the “Quality of Handicrafts in Latin America” ​​, UNESCO, Quito – Ecuador

2005  Awards for  Educational Excellence  Foundation Fidal, Quito – Ecuador

1999 Speaker at “Crisis and Culture, the last word” roundtable. With Wilson Pico, Raúl Vallejo, Patricio Vallejo, Camilo Luzuriaga and Leopoldo Tobar. Organized by Esqueletra and Universidad Simón Bolívar

1997 “Quilología” tiangues with Ulises Estrella

1996 Symposium on “Myths” Gallery

1994 Interestético Mounting “The Shrug” with Ulises Estrella, Susana Reyes, Lidia Noboa and Margarita Lazo

1990 Interestético Mounting the “Virgen de Quito” with Ulises Estrella and Maria Luisa Gonzalez

1990 Poetry recital “A Man Planetarium”

1989 Interestético Assembly “Cantuña” with Ulises Estrella and Susana Reyes

1984  “Women’s Time” Movie Monica Vasquez


Sara Palacios Participation in books, magazines and publications:


“Q Magazine”, September 2012 / “Caspicara” No.4 / “O Anjo Da Danca” Paola retore / “Journal Caravel”, April 1997 / “Saeta De Primera” No.27 and No.30 / “Glance” No.757, 1999 / “Last Rueda” No.2


Artwork by Sara Palacios for books:

“Hours” Rosalia Arteaga Serrano / “The moon, a round cheese” Veronica Falconí / “characters Basin” by Pedro Alvarez Córdova / “say World” by Ulises Estrella / “Quilago” Ulysses Star / “Verbal” by Julia Erazo / “Covers” Dermatological Update online

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