Paintings By Wendy Ng, Abstract Figurative

Abstract Figurative

Hong Kong based artist Wendy Ng completed her education in different part of the world United States, Belgium and the United Kingdom. Wendy experiments with the qualities of the paint and the accidental textures produced. Artist work has a fascinating diversity of female forms, and the endless variety of ways to portray them. Trained in Art and Design at The Wimbledon School of Art, UK, with a Graphic Design and Illustration background in advertising and publishing.

Wendy Ng says “My commercial experience has given me a broad scope of artistic expression. Painting in the traditional form gives me the opportunity to take my ideas further; experimenting with the juxtaposition of patterns and textures, to achieve a play of balance and to create rich and inviting paintings. I am inspired by Gustav Klimt and Tamara de Lempicka’s art.”

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