Norwegian artist Andreas Lie, double exposure photographs

Andreas Lie,

Norwegian artist Andreas Lie has perfectly captured the essence of the arctic in his latest double exposure photographs. Since the beginning, the artist has flawlessly merged animals and their rustic surroundings, but his newest works have a fresh quality to them. In focusing solely on wintry landscapes, Lie has added an element of pensiveness to his work. Viewers will want to take a moment to pause and reflect because there’s something quite relaxing and introspective about this incredible snow-filled series.

What’s even more interesting is how the creator blends landscapes into the animal’s body. Without erasing the texture of fur or feathers, Lie is able to make varying terrain look as though it’s a natural part of his subject’s physique. Coupled with the thoughtful nature of his artwork, this technique is sure to make observers see the arctic as they’ve never seen it before.

Andreas Lie: Facebook | Instagram | Tumblr | Society6

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