Nasr Azermehr

Nasr Azarmehr


Last Name: Salimian Rizi
Name: Nasr
Artist Name: Nasr Azermehr
Year 28/11/1977
Nationality: Iranian
Beroep en titles:
As a professional sculptor, I excel at public sculptures. I’ve been contracted by national and local
governments, museums, international organizations such as the United Nations as well as by
private investors. Many of my commissions adorn streets, parks and public buildings in Iran,
Saudi Arabia, United Arabic Emerats, Kuweit and various other Middle Eastern countries. What
my eyes and heart see, my hands create. I work with basically any material: bronze, wood, stone,
iron, perspex, glass… even food. I add a new dimension to Persian art through combining
traditional Iranian techniques with my newly found artistic freedom.
I hold a patent for an innovative wood and iron sculpting technique ‘Raz’, which I developed and
which is officially approved by the Iranian Government. My style was published and honored in
professional journals and other media.
My interest in history has led me to also specialize in restoring historical art. I have an extensive
track record of restored art pieces such as ancient books and sculptures. I’ve masterd several
historical techniques, some dating back over 3000 years. I’m currently developing and mastering
‘Azingari': a new restoration technique to restore ancient art for which the development technique
is no longer known ­ it has been lost for over 1700 years.
I have written several books on fine arts and sculpturing and taught in various higher institutions in
Iran, expanding and promoting the Iranian art and culture.
Published a book:
2008 Published a book on the ten commandments of sculpting
Published a book on general drawing techniques
patent dateIssued
patent descriptionThe Iranian government registerd my new method for making hollow wood relief
art under number 408.
Occupation and titles:
Grand Master Craftsman in traditional Iranian craft. Specialization: It can sculpting.
Large master Crafts Institute, traditional craft, school of liberal arts, University High Arts and
Crafts in Iran.
1997, 2000 ­
Building Wooden Musical Instruments
Number 1 diploma
Grand Master in Wood Carving and Wood Crafts
Historic Persian Art, specialized in Wood
Grand Master in traditional Iranian Art
Published a book on the ten commandments of sculpting
Published a book on general drawing techniques
Master’s Degree
Art restortion
Grand Master in Crafts
Teache IN iran technical and vocational training organization ,cultural heritage handicrafts and
tourism organization , Art school AND university of arts tehran
Company Name*
Zibasazaneh Mirase Kohan
Owner and manager
Owner, 5 employees
Creating sculptures, restoration of art pieces, architect of art
Several projects commissioned by the local government of Isfahan, Kashan en Natnazar;
­ the development and creation of various large commemorating statues and sculptures.
­ creating all decorative sculptures for the park at the city hall in Isfahan, among others 33
concrete sculptures of animals, eacg based on one letter of the Persian alphabet,
Restauration of antique fresco’s and sculptures in a Catholic church. Commsioned by the
Zarathustra­institute in Iran to reconstruct the “Fruhar” book (Zarathustra religion) on 700 year old
Commisioned by the government to develop a design for the Azadi­ tower museum (‘Tower of
Freedom’) (http://www.azadi­
Other work included several sculptures for private homes in various regions in Iran.
Phone: 06­84883880


Nasr Azarmehr's sculpture          Dance with me         Nasr Azarmehr's sculpture

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