Mitra Jashni


Mitra Jashni (born ِ16 December 1976) is an Iranian-Kurdish post-modern artist, permanent member of Iranian Painters Association. She specializes in the mediums of painting, drawing, and sculpture. She is an art teacher, translator, author and singer of Iranian contemporary music. As of 2014, she had worked as an artist for more than ten years in Iran, Canada, South America, and Europe. She began her career as a professional from 2002 in the field of painting. She practiced art with the contemporary masters as Hannibal Alkhas, Ahmed Khalili Fard, Behnam Kamrani, Homayoun Salimi and… . She received her Master degree in Art-Painting from Tehran’s Soore University, in 2008.

The characters of her paintings don’t depict overt sexuality. Instead they show frightened women, who wear masks to protect them from the outside world. Her colored girls express modesty and shame. They know nothing about their maturity, leaving the opposite gender the giant to be discovered.

The connections between her painting and poetry are visible. She inspired of The Book of the King- Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh- and its characters.

Mitra Jashni began her literary activities with publishing  a novel- The Memorial of The Memories- in 2004. She published no book after that. In the field of music, she works as singer and percussions player. She presented  a project as a concert named Nomadas with Yamine Elhorba,Moroccan composer and Aitor Arjol, spanish poet. As  contemporary’s musician, she has worked with famous musician like Motti Deren.

She mixed Hebrew, African Sahara, Spanish and Indian American music with Persian Folk music.Some of her concerts are:

– Nomadas (Consert)  mixed music of Persian- Vasque- Sahara- Moroccan folk style.

– Zafran( concert) mixed music of Persian- Spanish- Arabic folk music.

– Dancer( concert) mixed music of Persian- Spanish- Hebrew folk style.

– Mixed folk music from Africa, Brezil and Persia and presented as several concerts.


Mehr Yasht Azal- Art & Cultural Institute, Tehran Iran

Rudolf Steiner- International college, Quito Ecuador

Guadeloupano- Bilingue college, Nayon Ecuador

Sara Palacios’s institute & art gallery, Nayon Ecuador

Cien Fuegos- art gallery, Quito Ecuador

International College  CAPP ( colegio artistas plasticas de Pichincha) Quito Ecuador

Britanico- international college, Quito Ecuador




Professional activities

Dozens of Paintings on canvases, papers and walls.

Presenting more than six individual exhibitions and sixty group exhibitions in Iran, Europe, Canada and South America.




2015- Individual Painting& Sculpture Exhibition, Municipal Gallery, Nederland

2015- Individual Painting& Sculpture Exhibition, Mythra Gallery, Nederland

2014-Group Exhibition, Mirada Artistas, Plaza Chiquita, Quito, Ecuador

2014- Painting Exhibition, The National Council of Ecuador( Assemblea Nacional)  Realizará Jornada Libertad for International Woman Day- Quito, Ecuador

2013- Group Exhibition, Caroun Art Gallery, Vancouver, Canada,

2013-  Group Exhibition CAPP (professional artist´s college of Pichincha), Quito, Ecuador

2013- International Painting Festival UIO, Casa de la Cultura, Quito, Ecuador

2013- Mother Project with Ecuadorian sculpture- Sara Palacios- include: video art/ paintings/ sculptures & installation – SARAPA gallery Quito- Ecuador

2013- Project with Ecuadorian sculpture- Sara Palacios- include: video art/ paintings/ sculptures & installation in Centro Cultural Patio de Arupo

2012- Individual workshop- painting in Cienfuegos gallery – Quito Ecuador

2012- Individual painting exhibition in Cienfuegos gallery – Quito Ecuador

2012- Group painting exhibition in Alienca Francesa- Quito Ecuador

2010- Founder of Art & Cultural Institute Mehr Yasht Azal

2010- Group painting exhibition of Feminist Artist Women in Pardis Gallery in Tehran

2009-Group painting exhibition in Iranian Artist´s House

2009- Participation in painting workshop of Contemporary Art Museum in Tehran in  Niavaran Cultural House

2008- Permanent member of Iranian Painters  Society

2008- Member of Contemporary Iranian Artists

2008- Founder of visual art school, Mehr Yasht

2008- Group painting exhibition in Ayeh Art Gallery in Tehran

2008- Solo painting exhibition in Ayeh Art Gallery in Tehran

2008- Group exhibition of festival of Art & Sport.

2008- The eighth selected artist in Painting Biennale Of Iran.

2007- Group painting workshop in Saba Museum in Tehran.

2007- Group Drawing Exhibition in Zonduzi Museum  in Tehran

2006- Group painting exhibition in Contemporary Art Museum in Isfahan.

2006- Group painting exhibition in Civilizations Dialogue Center in Tehran

2006 –Selected artist in Moghavemat workshop in Imam Ali Museum in Tehran

2006- Permanent member of painting workshop of Contemporary Art Museum of Tehran

2006- Individual painting exhibition in Bamdad Art Gallery  in Tehran

2002- Painting workshop Soogesabz avard

2002- Painting workshop of Bahman Cultural House in Tehran award

2002- Performance Art “Hands” as a performance in Artists’ House of Iran in Tehran

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