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Even if you live overseas, you can still enjoy the benefits of membership. Operating as the membership arm of the Gallery, the organization provides a range of benefits and activities to enhance your experience of art and culture. Gallery members will receive the ID Card of gallery including our gift package mailed to their door. By this card you will able to make your own Mythra Blog, permanently. As artist member you will not pay the charge for the participation in Annual Gallery Expo . Also your participation in Annual group exhibition of Gallery is free of charge as well. Member has discounts for exhibitions and events and as artist you will receive 30% discount in the part of Individual Exhibition. You can participate your artworks in Shop without charging , and at the gallery shop (Receive 10% discount on most purchases in the Gallery Shop (excluding exhibition catalogues and selected products). Being a Gallery member is a wonderful way to help the gallery acquire artworks for the collection. We have special membership offer for students; All general member benefits at a special student price, 50% discount in membership fee!( you’ll need to provide a copy of your student ID). For more information please contact us:

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