Leila Rashidi

Leila Rashidi
Painter- Graphic Designer- Urban Designer- Sculptor
Born: 28th November 1977
2005- 2008            MSC in Art Painting, Art University, Tehran, Iran
2004                      Certificate of Wood Marquetry from Crafts Organization,Tehran,Iran
1998- 2004            BSC in Mathematics, Azad University, Tehran, Iran
1997                      Diploma in Mathematics from High school Huda
 Painting – Wall Painting- Wood Marquetry – Mosaic Tiles – Vitra – Clay – Sculpture –
Graphic Design & Decoration – Urban Design
In 1995
-          Second place in the drawing competition held by the education office of Distric 2
-         Participated in a group painting exhibition in Ebn-e Sina Academy
 In 1996
-           Achieved first place in designing and paining field of Tehran Province’s competitions
-           Took part in a group painting exhibition
In 1997
-           Obtained the top rank in painting field in Tehran Province’s competitions
-           Painted my first wall art for the Education Office of district 2
-           Participated in a group painting exhibition
In 2008
-           Participated in group painting exhibition
In 2009
-           Held a private painting and marquetry exhibition
In 2010
-           The wall paintings in Niyayesh International conference hall
-           Received a letter of recognition from the art and culture manager of district 6
-           Cooperated in beautifying districts 3 and 6 of Municipality and in wall paintings and broken ceramic art
-           Cooperated with Traffic Deputy Office of district 6 in wall arts and broken ceramic art
In 2011
-           Cooperated with Kashan’s Municipality in urban designs
-           The paintings of the substation walls in districts 6 and 7
In 2012
-           The wall arts in district 3, Hemmat highway after Kurdistan bridge
-           The wall arts for javanmardan park in District 22
-           District 2 the ceramic art under Jalal Al Ahmad bridge
-           The wall arts in districts 4 and 15
-           The wall art in Shahre Rey’s Municipality
-           Executing a wall project – relief pottery for Social Affairs and Labor Ministry
In 2013
-           The ceiling paintings in the infant section of Mofid Children’s Specialized Hospital
-           Executed the broken ceramic art of Hemmat highway for beautification organization of Tehran
In Iraq’s Kurdistan
In 2013
-         Cooperated with Erbil’s Governorate for wall arts projects and broken ceramic
In 2014
-         Cooperated with Dohuk Municipality for wall arts projects
-         Group painting exhibition in Erbil, Iraq
-         Master of Art in the Nilufer Collage, Erbil, Iraq
-         Group painting exhibition in Central exhibition, Istanbul, Turkey
 In 2015
-         Individual Painting Exhibition in Baris Manco Art Center, Istanbul, Turkey


Leila Rashidi's Artwork                             Leila Rashidi's Artwork


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