Ladan Alavi


 Ladan Alavi was born in 1960 in Tehran; Iran. She earned her Master’s degree in Art from the Art and Architecture faculty, As an official member of the Society of Painters (S.I.P), she has over 30 years experience in painting. Ladan received an honorary diploma from Azad University in the National Iranian Undergraduate Festival but she claims that although university and university professors play an important role in a student’s education, the most important studio for them is the studio of life; life with all its ups and downs is what refines the artist’s acquisitive soul.

She has had a number of solo exhibitions, the last being in 2014, held in Persian Idea Art Gallery. In addition, she has taken part in more than 30 joint exhibitions and contributed to several exhibitions raising money for Mahak Charity Organization for Children.

Women and children hold a special place in her paintings, she affirms that “an artist cannot grow in seclusion and must be involved in society”. She believes that art deepens ones outlook on life.

In relation to the colors that have been used in her paintings, she says, “I try to extract brilliant colors which take one out of gloom and darkness, into hope and life.

From out of misery, I am reborn and God helps me along the way, so I present the gift of brilliant and happy colors to my viewers. From her point of view life means a song of hope in our hearts.



My Jesus                                                           5

Solo exhibitions:

Mythra Gallery, Netherlands 2016

Persian Idea Art Gallery 2014

Ganjineh Gallery 2012

Iranian Artist forum 2009

Golestan Gallery 2006

Barg Gallery 2003

Golestan Gallery 2002

Group exhibitions:

2010 Iranian Artist forum ,Tehran-Iran

2009 Title: Hymns, Melal Cultural Center,Tehran-Iran

2009 Iranian Artist forum,Tehran-Iran

2008 Biennial of contemporary paintings,Tehran-Iran

2007 Andisheh Cultural Center,Tehran-Iran

2007 Sialk Gallery,Tehran-Iran

2007 Title: Molana, Arasbaran Cultural Center,Tehran-Iran

2007 Isfahan contemporary  arts museum ,Isfahan-Iran

2007 Bahman Cultural Center,Tehran-Iran

2007 Title:Women, Darya Beigi Cultural Center,Tehran-Iran

2006 Sadabad museum ,Tehran-Iran

2006 Sabalan Gallery,Tehran-Iran

2006 Title: Peace, Niavaran Cultural Center,Tehran-Iran

2006 Contemporary Iranian Art, Beijing-China

2005 Isfahan contemporary  arts museum ,Isfahan-Iran

2005 Title: 100 Paintings from 100 Painters, Golestan Gallery,Tehran-Iran

2004 Laleh art Gallery ,Tehran-Iran

2004 Arasbaran Cultural Center, Tehran-Iran

2004 Title: 100 Paintings from 100 Painters, Golestan Gallery,Tehran-Iran

2003 7th exhibition of contemporary painters, Barg Gallery ,Tehran-Iran

2003 Title: 100 Paintings from 100 Painters, Golestan Gallery,Tehran-Iran

2003 Exhibition to aid Bam earthquake survivors, Barg Gallery, Tehran-Iran

2002 Title: 100 Paintings from 100 Painters, Golestan Gallery,Tehran-Iran

2001 Exhibition to aid Palestine’s Children, Palestine Embassy, Tehran-Iran

2001 Title: 100 Paintings from 100 Painters, Golestan Gallery,Tehran-Iran

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