Kayvan Mokri

Kayvan Mokri

Born in 1979


Graduated in Graphic Design from the University of Science and Culture / Tehran.

Official Member of  the Association of the Iranian Graphic Designers.

Titles and Exhibitions:

Selected of the First Biennial of  Iranian Calligraphy in Calligraphic Painting.

Access to the Third Fair Visual Arts Festival.

Special appreciation of the third fair Visual Arts Festival in Calligraphy.

Participating in Pen Calligraphy Festival in Calligraphic Painting.

Participating in the Seventh International Festival of  Bismillah in the typography and Calligraphic Painting.

Participating in Visual Section of the nineteenth Quran Festival in Calligraphic Painting.

Participating in Visual Section of the nineteenth Quran Festival in Typography.

Access to the Visual Quran Festival in Calligraphic Painting / Gilan, IRAN

Taking part in Shams Group Exhibition Gallery / Tehran, IRAN

Taking part in Ganjineh Calligraphic Painting Group Exhibition Gallery / Tehran, IRAN.

Participating in the Favorites of the First Biennial Exhibition of Calligraphy in Bahman Cultural Center/ Tehran, IRAN.

Participation, Access and appreciation of the Twentieth Visual Quran Festival/ Tehran, IRAN

Participating in Art Expo 2012/ Tehran, IRAN.

Access and Participating to the Second International Biennial of Calligraphy in IRAN.

Attendance of a Work in Calligraphy Section, Online Auction of  Seyhoun Gallery.

Attendance in the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth of the Fall Collection Exhibition of  Shams Gallery.

Attendance in Giafferi`s Auction, Paris / 2014.

Attendance in Forouzan Group Exhibition Gallery / 2014.

Attendance  in Mythra Gallery Group exhibition in Netherland / 2015.

Executive Secretary of the First and Second Photos Expo, Tehran, IRAN / 2012-2013

A number of his works by enthusiasts and collectors in addition to Iran are being preserved and purchased in countries such as America, England, France, Australia and Czech.


Kayvan Mokri


Kayvan Mokri



Kayvan Mokri

Kayvan Mokri



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