Joan Miró i Ferrà

Oil, Acrylic, postmodernism, art, artist, drawing, design, fine , arts, beautiful, critic, postimpressionism, expressionism, abstract, minimalism, digital, deconstruction, metropolitan,

JOAN MIRÓ (1893-1983) – Like most prodigies, Miro is an unclassificable craftsman. His enthusiasm for the universe of the oblivious, those covered up in the profundities of the brain, join him with Surrealism, yet with an individual style, now and again closer to Fauvism and Expressionism. His most essential works are those from the arrangement of “Heavenly bodies”, made in the early 40s.

El bello pájaro descifrando lo desconocido a una pareja de enamorados – Joan Miró 1941


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