James Doran-Webb, Sculptures

James Doran-Webb, Sculptures

When you see the sculptures of artist James Doran-Webb, you’ll first be struck by their lifelike quality and how they seem to ripple with motion. Doran-Webb’s animals’ anatomies are spot-on, down to each muscle, sinew, and feather. These would all be impressive enough if they were just carved wooden sculptures, but they’re much more.

These sculptures are actually collections of carefully assembled driftwood, gathered by Doran-Webb from the beaches of the Philippine island of Cebu.

The British-born artist lives and works on Cebu. He assembles the pieces in his studio, and is always fascinated by capturing the naturalistic motions of his subjects.
To create these pieces, Doran-Webb says it all starts with an idea. Once he’s sketched out the idea to his liking, he and his studio assistants create a stainless steel frame, to which carefully selected driftwood pieces are attached using bolts or screws.
A second layer of smaller pieces is added, as well, which serves to bring out the details and give the sculpture a solid, finished look. According to Doran-Webb, one sculpture can take thousands of hours to complete.

Many of his sculptures, like this immense wyvern, are meant to be placed outdoors and interact with their environment.

While he’s always loved working with wood, Doran-Webb didn’t begin experimenting with driftwood until the early 2000s, when he started creating furniture out of the uniquely weathered wood. After doing that, he began to branch out into artistic sculpture. Today, he’s exhibiting his work around the world.

Some of his pieces are made for indoor display settings, too.

Besides creating these amazing sculptures, Doran-Webb also designed the airy studio where he works, and he incorporated driftwood elements into the floor.

(via Twisted Sifter)

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