Individual Exhibition

Mythra Gallery invites dear artists to perform their individual exhibition. This gallery, with suitable standards, has potential to perform and held visual projects consist of painting, sculpture, video and performance art.
General Terms of individual exhibition at Mythra Gallery
1- About individual painting exhibition the number of paintings is at least thirteen.
Note: In case the project is defined this number can be changed.
2- The works must be defined in a project and concept and be linked together.
3- In the case of Video and Performance art, the sample of video or proposal must be submitted by Gallery’s art team at least two months before the show.
4- The art works must be in gallery at least one month before the date of your exhibition.
5- The transportation of art works is the responsibility of the artist.
6- The managing of exhibition such as performing, invitations and… is the responsibility of the gallery.
7- The duration of each exhibition is three weeks except video and performance project that depends on the project.
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