Hid Saib, Neon Portraits

Hid Saib, Neon Portraits

hid saib

Light effects are just about as versatile as the imagination. The possibilities are endless. This is what Portuguese photographer Hid Saib discovered as he played around with some neon effects on people’s faces. Hid Saib used tiny flecks of vivid neon paint and decorated the faces as well as shoulders of the subjects in his portraits.

neon hid saib

The results are images that look like a starry night or celestial patterns all over  the subject’s faces. Some even resemble an aurora borealis thanks to the colorful illumination of the neon paint that seem to be bursting. At times, one also calls to mind tiny embers of a fire as the small specks of light flicker in the dark.

hid saib neon

One will observe that there is an irregularity to the intensity of each neon paint speck, all the more creating realism in every image. The glowing paint seems like a fiery avalanche of sparks darting across the cheeks of the subjects.

In other images, there is a more peaceful aura, with subjects appearing more serene with the strange glow. One can also mistake these images to be part of some promotional gimmick for a forthcoming sci-fi movie.

hid saib neon photo series

The series is aptly called Neon, and Saib demonstrates both his mastery of his craft as a photographer and as a lighting designer. The portraits can also be likened to shots of alien beings, being luminescent with the sparks of glowing colors all over their faces.

photo series hid saib neon

Saib has always been one to be imaginative. As a student he was the classmate always known to have a camera in tow, documenting every activity, mischievous or otherwise, and constantly taking pictures of everybody. He took up photography in college and works professionally today doing his passion. His work has been displayed in exhibits internationally.

hid saib photo series neon


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