Diana Valarezo

Diana Valarezo



Diana Valarezo works with painting, mix media, photography, printing, installation, ceramic and performance. Moreover she blends her art practices with art education, community art and as art curator. Constant traveling, her nomadic life and her sojourns in China, Senegal, Peru and Myanmar have enhanced her reflection on the symbiosis and exchange between cultures. Her work moves as her views and influences are constantly renewed in her creative work. Actually she lives between Belgium and Ecuador.


Memory Beings” art collection of the exhibition September 22th – October 16th  2018 – statement

Since its inception my work has been a reflection on memory, remembrances and inner travel, which later became the real fact of displacement, migration, the search for identity and roots, its unifying thread has been and continues being, the journey.


Through these years of work I have built scenarios or series that are the reflection of my transit within the emotional and geographical displacement, creating images and metaphors of what surrounded me in those moments. My work transmutes from one subject to another, from one technique to another, with which I try to demonstrate these experiences, these skin changes, and the mutations of being.


In the most recent projects, which I began with an approach to the scribble, in an automatic way seeking to explore into the unconscious and the intuitive as a creative exercise, it evolved into imaginary landscapes, coinciding with the return to the geographical landscape of childhood.


“Beings of Memory” is the last series that I am developing where it is an intimate and very personal attempt to give life to the ghosts of memory, to the reunification with the roots through the primary beauty of nature.


Diana Valarezo's Memory Beings collection

Memory Beings digital cataloug

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