Beauty in portrait photography by Maja Topčagić

Beauty , portrait, photography, Maja Topčagić


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She was born in Bihać, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She is  25 years old and have graduated with a degree in mathematics and computer sciences. Also she is  freelancing for Trevillion Images, and Stocksy United. she began taking photos when she was 19 years old and was given her first digital camera. she has never met the person who gave away his camera and sent it to her, but he changed her life. Since then, photography has become her greatest love. she find inspiration everywhere she goes. she imagines moments frozen and captured by the camera. Also, She writes down her dreams. Sometimes an idea bumps her in the head, but mostly She finds inspiration looking at the world through her eyes. It’s often something interesting, weird and extraordinary. Her work is inspired by movies, books, music, videos, ordinary people and conversations too. The fact is that She does not look at the world like others, She is a mix of mathematics and art – as others assume. For Her, mathematics is an art too. Everything that She sees in nature, She can mathematically describe and write using photography. Math and art are soul mates, and using these very natural things for a human being She can describe The world and the mind. She uses the Canon 5D Mark II and Canon 50 mm f/1.4 lens. She uses a tripod, natural lightning and a remote control. Sometimes She uses portable aluminum reflector. That’s all! Also, She loves to experiment with analog/FD lenses, for example Helios 58 mm f/2. This is an amazing little lens from Russia, that has crazy circular bokeh, amazing coloring and sharpness. I edit photographs in excellent Adobe Photoshop CS6. Programs for processing photos release a person’s creativity and allow to be different from others. She loves to compose several photos into one, or play with multiple layers. She does a lot of retouching. Her dream is to study photography. her motto is ‘If you dream about it long enough, it will come true.


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